Relationships and environments matter most when evaluating and promoting development. So we come to you, with live video coaching and assessment in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that you are your child’s greatest advocate and teacher, so we individualize to your personal parenting style and priorities to design the best plan for you and your child.


Understand their child’s development and learning

Increase their child’s  independence and participation in daily activities

Engage and play with their child

Expand their child’s communication skills

Guide their child’s behavior to increase cooperation

Get through the bedtime routine without tears

Help siblings play together cooperatively

Plan successful play dates and build friendships

Enjoy community outings and special events

Navigate their child’s  transition to preschool or kindergarten



Our Team

Christine Wallin

Christine Wallin

Christine Wallin, Ed.D. is a registered nurse and early interventionist with more than thirty years of experience working with families with infants, toddlers and preschoolers to facilitate and support development. Dr. Wallin has extensive expertise in evaluating the development of children born prematurely and designing collaborative intervention plans for their families. As the mother of a child born prematurely she understands the impact of prematurity on the family bringing both a personal and professional perspective to evaluations and interventions. Dr. Wallin has expertise in eliminating sleep challenges in infants and toddlers and has helped numerous families get the sleep they need by developing individualized collaborative sleep plans.

Lorelei Pisha

Lorelei Pisha

Lorelei Pisha, Ed.D. is an early interventionist with more than fifteen years of experience in evaluating and supporting the development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Dr. Pisha has extensive expertise in designing and implementing individualized intervention plans for young children with autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders, language delays, and challenging behaviors. Most importantly, Dr. Pisha is a family member of an incredible individual with Down syndrome, which means she truly knows that all effective interventions must come from the family’s priorities and must fit within the family’s busy schedule.

Our Services

  • Play-Based Developmental Evaluations

    Are you interested in a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s development? Our play and activity-based evaluations are done in your home and community using video and webcam technology.

    • Our evaluations determine your child’s strengths and challenges.
    • We use video of daily routines and activities sent by you to determine your child’s current skill level in all areas of development.
    • Each evaluation starts and ends with a live one-on-one webcam meeting, initially to discuss concerns and finally to report results and discuss recommendations.
    • You will receive a written report after the final webcam meeting.

    By using this method of evaluation we really get to know you and your child. This method helps to guide us in determining further recommendations that are individualized for you and your child.  

  • Communication, Play and Social Interaction Strategies

    Do you need help encouraging your child’s communication, play or social skills?  We develop individualized plans to meet the needs of your child and family and use technology to participate with you in implementing those plans into your daily routines.

    • All strategies are simple and easy to implement.
    • We work with all caregivers, parents, extended family and childcare providers.
    • All strategies are integrated into your everyday routines and activities

    We use research proven methods to ensure that your child makes progress.   

  • Premature Infant Developmental Follow-Up and Parent Support

    All premature infants develop differently and benefit from developmental support.  Are you interested in unique development services for your preemie to monitor and ensure optimal development?

    • We support and follow-up in your home via technology, no clinic visits.
    • We use webcam meetings and video to support you in facilitating your preemie’s overall development.
    • Everything is individualized to meet your child’s needs and your personal parenting style.
    • Frequency of visits is determined on needs and varies with all families.

    Our very unique developmental follow up program supports you and and your preemie by individualizing not only to child’s current level of development but also to your parenting style.  

  • Behavior Solutions

    Are you feeling overwhelmed with your child’s challenging behaviors?  We develop individualized behavior plans to make life easier for families.  

    • We start by determining the underlying reason for the behavior.
    • We meet with you via webcam to discuss all issues related to the behavior.
    • We support you through video technology and webcam meetings to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills you need.

    We continue to support you by email or phone as you implement the strategies delineated in the plan and you are feeling successful with facilitating your child’s positive behavior.

  • Sleep Solutions

    Are you exhausted because your child is not yet sleeping through the night?   We develop individualized sleep plans to help the whole family get the sleep they need.

    • All sleep plans use gentle methods, we don’t believe in CIO.
    • We begin by meeting with you via webcam to discuss all issues related to your child’s sleep patterns and behaviors.
    • Use video technology and webcam meetings to support you through the challenges.

    We are available by email or phone for support as you implement the strategies delineated in the plan and until your whole family is sleeping well.  

Happy Clients

Dr. Chris Wallin’s expertise was a godsend for our family. She was able to provide an assessment and effective treatment strategies very quickly for our daughter. Chris is very responsive to emails and we continue to check in weekly as our daughter improves with her advice. I have sent friends with developmental concerns to Chris for help. All of them call me grateful for the immense help she provided. She understands children and parents and is a first class expert for developmental needs!

Since we began working with Dr. Lorelei Pisha we have seen tremendous improvement in our son. The evaluation process was the most comprehensive we have found, and we felt she was able to get an accurate impression of our son. She has created several strategies that are effective, easy to implement and responsive to his needs–every session has proved invaluable […] She has been a guiding light for us throughout our son’s therapy and figuring out his path. We cannot say enough good things about her!

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